Macy’s Parade Star Announcers

In 1946, the Macy’s Parade was first televised locally. It was such a hit that in 1947 the parade was televised nationwide.

The parade has been nationally televised on NBC since 1952.

I am sure you might be wanting to know about names of the Star Announcers of the Macy’s Parade.

Macy's Parade Star Announcers - NBC

Current Parade Star Announcers:

Matt Lauer (1998–present)
Savannah Guthrie (2012–present)
Al Roker (1995–present)

Past Parade Star Announcers:

Dave Garroway (1952–1961)
Betty White (1962–1972)
Lorne Greene (1962–1972)
Ed McMahon (1971–1982)
Bryant Gumbel (1982–1984)
Pat Sajak (1983–1986)
Willard Scott (1987–1997)
Deborah Norville (1989-1990)
Katie Couric (1991–2005)
Meredith Vieira (2006–2010)
Ann Curry (2011)

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